This Week | Episode 19 | #PiggyVlog​​ 2021

2 months in and a massive thank you for the amazing response so far. To be honest, I cringe when I watch the videos back but all the feedback has been so positive which is great and much appreciated so thank you for that.😃🙌

Anyway this video has a little bit about some thoughts and plans for the new season and a little bit about what we've been doing with all the horses over the last week. So lovely to have some nicer weather for horses and humans!☀️😎

✅ Thank you!🤗

✅ Home schooling🤓🤯

✅ Start of eventing

✅ Badminton

✅ The view from my arena!🏡🤩

✅ What we've been doing this week

✅ Struggling with technology!🙈🤣


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