Starting Jumping | Episode 18 | #PiggyVlog​ 2021

With the eventing season (hopefully!) just around the corner, I have started to give my horses their first jump of the new season at home. To do this I've used an exercise incorporating the canter cavaletti that I spoke about last week with the addition of a few small fences. At this stage of the season it's not about testing them at all but am constantly working on their rideability, straightness, adjustability, etc. These are the things which will make the difference in the end so save the big jumps for the competition!

✅ Bye beast from the east!🥶

✅ Starting jumping

✅ Training the ride

✅ Understanding their brains🤓

✅ Building your partnership🤝

✅ Using different outlines in training

✅ Riding in a lighter seat

✅ Writing a list!📝🙈


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