Rider Fitness | Episode 11 | #PiggyVlog​ 2021

I think rider fitness is really important whatever level you're competing at. I HATE running/exercise but I promise you that it WILL make you feel better!🐷🏃‍♀️😁

It's not about being super fit for a marathon (I'm definitely not!) or breaking any records (I definitely don't!) but about being fit and healthy physically and mentally to ride your horse well and give yourself the best possible chance of success.🏆🤞

I do a combination of running, strength and conditioning, and pilates but you can do whatever works for you. I try to work myself like I would a horse - a bit of variety and working on different things rather than the same thing over and over. But find what works for you and remember that something, however small, is always better than nothing!😅💪

✅ Why rider fitness is important

✅ Jakata at Badminton in 2011

✅ Coming back from pregnancy

✅ Ali Torture!

✅ Teamwork

✅ Panting, sweating, burping, farting!🙈

✅ Get outside during lockdown

✅ Doing what works for you


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