Happy Hacking | Episode 4 | #PiggyVlog​ 2021

We do a lot of hacking at this time of year with all the horses coming back into work ahead of the new event season. Hacking is often thought of as 'boring' but it really shouldn't be. It's an essential part of my preparation and fitness work and I really focus on making the best possible use of all the 'facilities' that I have. I'm lucky to have a great set-up here at Maidwell (arena, gallop, etc) but you really don't need much, or even anything really, to achieve an awful lot. I hope this video can give you all a few tips to take your happy hacking to the next level!💪🤞🤗

✅ Using hills (if you have them)

✅ Riding on different surfaces

✅ Trotting up (and maybe down) hills

✅ Working on flatwork basics

✅ Practising your transitions

✅ Getting your horse fit without 'galloping'

✅ Stay warm🥶

✅ And don't fall off!🐎💨🙈


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