Dressage With Dargun | Episode 13 | #PiggyVlog​ 2021

In the next video I ride Dargun in the school at home to demonstrate a few different flatwork exercises that you can all work on at home. He can be spooky so a few tips for helping with that and also then moving on to varying your outline and varying your pace to start pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone.🐴💪

Dargun is an Advanced horse so the variations can be quite big (helpful to show on the video!) but whatever level your horse is working at you can practice the same idea. Don't be afraid of making a mistake as it's about experimenting with how far you can go - how forward can you make the trot, how collected can you go, etc. Keep making your comfort zone bigger!

✅ A bit about Dargun

✅ Riding in the snow!🌨🙈

✅ Dealing with a spooky horse

✅ Varying the pace

✅ Varying the outline

✅ Keeping self carriage

✅ Establishing different gears

✅ How forward can you go?

✅ How collected?

✅ Pushing the boundaries


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