Clipping Vanir Kamira | Episode 6 | #PiggyVlog​ 2021

It's great to have Vanir Kamira back at Maidwell after her winter holiday.🦄 She's been back in work with her owner, Trevor Dickens, so has come back to me a little later than the others. She's a hot horse (and getting excited about being clipped!) so clipping is on the agenda pretty much straight away. In this video I chat with my very own #SuperGroom​ Amy Phillips all about clipping.✂️🪒💃

This is obviously a busy time of year for clipping so I hope it comes in handy to make sure all your horses and ponies are looking their best when we can get back out competing again!😄🤜🦠🏆🤞

✅ Vanir Kamira is back!🦄

✅ And getting excited already!😅🙈

✅ About her character

✅ Front leg lines

✅ Back leg lines

✅ Saddle patch lines

✅ Different clip lines

✅ Does Amy like clipping?!

✅ Trimming their legs

✅ Helping with mud fever

✅ Your complete clipping masterclass!✂️


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