Bits & Bridles | Episode 16 | #PiggyVlog​ 2021

I think we all have a favourite bit and/or bridle that we always revert back to and I am definitely no different. 'What bit would you use on this horse?' is a question I get asked a lot but I honestly think I'm a terrible person to ask simply because I use the same thing 90% of the time!😬😃

Like with everything else, I try to keep my tack very simple and would ride nearly all the horses nearly all the time in an eggbutt snaffle and flash bridle. One of my claims to fame is that Pippa Funnell even calls the eggbutt snaffle in her bit box a 'Piggy Snaffle' because I use it all the time!🐷🤣

Obviously there are some horses that prefer a different bit for whatever reason but I hate the idea of using a bit to compensate for bad basic training with a horse. Firstly, train your horse to work correctly from the leg to the hand and then, and only then, should you start worrying about the bit.💪👍

✅ Keeping it simple - again!

✅ Eggbutt snaffle

✅ 'Piggy Snaffle'!🐷

✅ Why I would use a different bit

✅ Trying not to ummmm!🙈

✅ Gadgets


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