Biosecurity | Episode 22 | #PiggyVlog 2021

I am the least scientific or technical person in the World (🙈🤣) but even I know that biosecurity is a hot topic right now and understandably so with EHV-1 and COVID-19 causing havoc. As an industry, we need to do everything we can to keep our horses safe and the more people that take their biosecurity seriously, the safer it will be for all of us.🦠👊

I mentioned briefly on my 'Day In The Life' video about a company called Equine Bio Genie who were recommended to me by Ian Woodhead. With what is happening in Europe and the rest of the World right now, I think it's quite important to show you a little more about what we are doing at Maidwell to try to help keep horses and humans safe.🏡👍

✅ Equine Bio Genie💪

✅ Cleaning nearly everything!🧼

✅ Killing nearly everything!🦠❌

✅ And no mess afterwards!😅👌

To find out more details please visit their website ➡️🤗


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