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Why Choose Me?

British Eventing Number 1

FEI World Number 3

Team GB Podium Athlete

World and European Medalist

World Record 15 International Wins 2019

Exceptional Ownership Experience

Regular Training/Competition Videos

I am a terrible sales-person, particularly when trying to sell myself. I once failed my World Class Podium Potential interview when asked 'Why should you receive funding instead of everyone else?' Apparently 'I'm not sure I should' wasn't the right answer!

I hope I've now reached a stage in my career where my results with numerous different horses can speak for themselves. But, more importantly, I believe my job is about giving people an exceptional ownership experience and helping to make memories that can last a lifetime for my owners and their families.

Some of my most enjoyable and satisfying days haven't necessarily been the obvious 'big ones' but maybe a win at a smaller event because it gives an owner a very special moment for a personal reason.

The sport is expensive but I strongly believe that it can be fantastic value for money as horses have an unbelievable ability to take us to places we never dreamt possible - good and bad! I can't guarantee success but I can guarantee an interesting and enjoyable journey in this fantastic sport.

If you are interested to join the team please do get in touch. I would be delighted to hear from you.

About Background.jpg
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As an owner, I wanted and expected a world class, exceptional, honest, hardworking and sympathetic rider and trainer for my horses. With Piggy I had all of those boxes instantly ticked. What I did not expect to find was a kind, inclusive, approachable listener, full of good advice - but above all great fun. I found those ethereal bonuses thrown in. I cannot recommend Piggy and her team highly enough if you are serious about your horses and the sport of eventing.

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Jayne McGivern